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4.2 % ABV

One of our original recipes brewed since 1997, a Pale Ale with copious amounts of American Cascade hops. Wonderfully aromatic floral nose balanced by a gentle bitterness w...


Alton's Pride

3.8 % ABV

A traditional English bitter brewed using water from the Hampshire chalk hills. Full and clean tasting; initially malty, then tangerine fruit and resinous hop build to a q...


Pressed Rat & Warthog

3.8 % ABV

A complex mild, perhaps not in the traditional sense, but we like our beers hoppy! Ruby coloured, with coffee and chocolate aroma; hints of dried fruits and sour cherry le...



4.7 % ABV

4.7% Cask Lager - Not too sweet, not too hopped - natural carbonation in Cask is something we love - best description I have seen of this is as "a beer drinker's lager". Proving to be very popul...


Whole of the Moon

5.0 % ABV

Necessity is the mother of all invention! This year, it was time for us to push out the boat and create a new bitter built on the incredibly popular Moondance. Here it i...


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What makes our beer great?

Many of our beers have won countless awards at highly regarded competitions across the nation. Yet with all the success, the brewery has never lost it's hands-on, authentic quality of traditional brewing.

We want to be judged by our beers and our service to our customers. Nothing more, nothing less.

Triple FFF

Only the best quality ingredients

We take the utmost care on using only the best ingredients available. This ensures you're getting a consistent experience every time you sit down to enjoy a TripleFFF beer or ale.

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