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New Brewery Fully Commissioned!

New Brewery Fully Commissioned!

What do you call a brewery within a brewery? In addition to our substantial 50  Barrel brewery - ~15,000 pints per brew! - have bought, installed, commissioned  and brewed on a brand new 5 Barrel plant. This still gives us a decent number of casks but allows us to experiment with things.

We take huge pride in our consistency so never mess with the magical recipes for Moondance, Alton's Pride or Sundown - but to stand still is to fall behind and innovation has long been at the core of our being. We believe that Moondance was the first British Best Bitter/Pale Ale to embrace Cascade Hops, so by doing something new we in fact go back to our roots! We are excited about which new recipes can graduate to the big kit.

First brew was Winter Sunset - at 2am [yes, I know] this Monday... I had a sip out of the fermentation vessel - using a NZ Hop called Nectaron - being weeks from being ready it is very tropical but that could be kind of fun for a Christmas beer. Second brew was a guaranteed crowd pleaser - just to try it on the new kit... Comfortably Numb... 

The small kit also gives us good ability to make beers with Pub's own labels and recipes on them, so shout if you want to explore this further. 01420 561422

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