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Warthog the Wonder Warthog!

We might not be seeing the Year of the Pig in the Chinese Zodiac until 2031 or Year of the Rat until 2032 but in the UK I think we can make a case that 2023-2024 have been Years of the Pressed Rat & Warthog at least. 

Named after one of the more obscure and experimental Cream songs, Pressed Rat & Warthog might not be famed for the instant appeal derived from it's delicious sounding name - just as this writer has "a face for radio" - when tasted blind it has blown folks away. It is a cracking beer and I think there are very few in the land that have the same amount of body and flavour for a 3.8% ABV.

Last week we found out it had scored BRONZE Nationwide for all Dark Session Beers at the SIBA 2024 BeerX. We'd be lying if we said we hadn't hoped for better, but still a podium at the National Level is a great thing. Moreover historically this part of the world has fared less well with SIBA than some other competitions and we were the only Podiuming [is there such a word?- there is now!] Brewery in the cask section from Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Surrey & West Sussex. Good to fly the flag for our part of the world and the other friendly and talented brewers down here. 

At the risk of going pushing the theme to death - Pressed Rat was at the Nationals at BeerX because it took GOLD in SIBA London and South East 2023 and also took GOLD in CAMRA London and South East (Milds) - a bit gutting that the GBBF isn't happening this year as otherwise Pressed Rat could have a chance on the main bar there too... oh well - guess we're just going to have to carry on making it and treating it with the love it deserves! 

Nothing will change... well, almost nothing - we are bringing the pump clip into line with overall brand and the new one is here: 

But if you like the old one...? Well that's cool too...

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